Lion and Newt Gamer Roster

Image by Francesco De Tommaso

Lion Gamer

Older brother. Loves Mario.

Newt Gamer

Younger brother. Loves Luigi.

Image by Milo McDowell
Golden Retriever

Dog Gamer

Dad and videographer. Loves Yoshi.

Alligator Gamer 

Mom and fan. Loves Princess Peach

Image by Lisa Yount
Golden Retriever

Puppy Gamer 

Little sister and fan. Loves Toadette.


Frog Gamer 

Guest Gamer

First-rate skills and ability make Frog Gamer a valuable asset for the team on some special guest editions.

Eagle Gamer

Guest Gamer

No matter what is thrown at us during competition, Eagle Gamer is always there to keep our team on track. With impeccable skill and natural talent, he joins on some special guest editions.

Image by Blake Meyer

Fierce Tiger 101 Gamer 

Guest Gamer

Fierce Tiger 101 Gamer is always here to help in some guest editions. She is a true cousin of Lion and Newt Gamer.

Dead Deer 

Guest Gamer

She is always staying alive when other people die to keep the game alive on the special guest editions she joins. She is the sister of Fierce Tiger 101 Gamer and a true cousin of Lion and Newt Gamer.

Image by Laura College
Elephant in Wild

Elephant Gamer 

Guest Gamer

Elephant Gamer is a funny and special guest gamer who contributes to some holiday editions and is a great member to have on the team.

Image by Jamie Haughton

Monkey Gamer/Z Panda Gamer

Guest Gamer

Monkey Gamer is a guest gamer on some special editions. He is a big brother of Cheetah Gamer.  Check out his YouTube Channel at Z Panda Gamer.

Cheetah Gamer

Guest Gamer

Cheetah Gamer is a guest gamer on some special editions. She is the little sister of Monkey Gamer.


Shark Gamer/C Gamer 

Guest Gamer

Shark Gamer (also known as C Gamer) is a fantastic Guest Gamer and he has his own YouTube channel called C Gamer.

Fabulous Unicorn Gamer/K Music 

Guest Gamer

Fabulous Unicorn Gamer is the sister of Shark Gamer and an awesome Guest Gamer. She has her own YouTube channel called K Music.

Image by Paul Bill
Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant Gamer

Guest Gamer

This young gamer is a great addition to the squad on some special guest editions. She is the younger sister of Hamster Gamer.

Hamster Gamer

Guest Gamer

She is a great guest gamer and the older sister of Baby Elephant Gamer.

Pet Hamster
Grey Squirrel

Squirrel Gamer 

Guest Gamer

He is a guest on some special editions and a great asset to the team.

Image by Kadyn Pierce

Bigfoot Gamer 

Guest Gamer

He is the rare adult Guest Gamer. He is the father of Z Panda and Cheetah Gamers.